21st Birthday Gift, Bakery Gift Box

21st Birthday Gift, Bakery Gift Box
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21st Birthday gift for women, 1997 Birthday Gift Box
We Turned The Past into a Present!
21st Birthday Gift, Bakery  Box 1997

Every birthday is special but there are some birthdays that are extra special and they are the "Milestone Birthdays"!
21st birthdays are extra special and we have captured the special events of that 2000 on the front of our Milestone 21st Gift box.

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In our 21 Birthday Gift we have highlights of the events of the year 1997 are on the cover.
In our gourmet kitchens we create chocolate chip cookies, fresh blueberry muffin, fresh berry strudel, fresh donut, brownie, candy dots, popcorn
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 Weight 1 pound. Box size approx. 8" by 3" x 10". Some items may be substituted when necessary.
21st Birthday Gift Box for women
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Price $35.99